Monday’s Points of Pinterest


Here’s a ‘welcome to spring’ round-up of all the best bunnies on Pinterest.

Food, glorious food photography

Amy Davies, food photos 10

Photo-journalist Amy Davies shares some of her tasty tips to help bloggers make the most out of their foodie posts.

Monday’s Points of Pinterest…

orange fabric

Pantone has declared Tangerine Tango to be THE colour for 2012. Here are the best picks on Pinterest paying homage to this most wondrous of hues.

Happy Mother’s Day with the Ministry of Craft

Mother's Day bonanza!

Show your mum how much you love her by making her a little something special at the Ministry of Craft’s Pick ‘N’ Mix activity day in Manchester.

Giant cupcake or giant disaster?

Primrose Bakery cupcake

Get on this like a fat kid on a cupcake.

Crafty Pick ‘n’ Mix with the Ministry of Craft

Crafty Pick 'n' Mix flyer

Get your craft on this November in Manchester with the Ministry of Craft, which is holding a series of different events at Fred Aldous on the 26th.

The Primrose Bakery: Cookies and cream cupcakes

Fail 1

Or, as I like to think of them, three hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Let Them Eat Cake


Right now, I’m all about the baking, I’m all about the bakey bake bakey bake bake. While my cakes taste yummy (if I do say so myself!), my icing always looks like a miniature cow has ambled along and deposited a buttercream pat on top. Until now, that is! I’ve just been on a cupcake masterclass with Little Paper Cakes and the Ministry of Craft and am now a cupcake icing queen. Tra la la!

Icing on the cake

Cake toppers 3

There’s not a lot better than cake. Cake rules. I love cake. But I love cake more when it comes with a dollop of arts and crafts on top. Check out these cake toppers, yo.

Cupcakes ahoy


Next stop, Cupcake Station. Disembark here and get your munch on with these yummy-scrummy vanilla surprise bites of cakey goodness. Nom nom nom.


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