Knitters! ArtYarn needs you NOW!

Image courtesy of Andy712b, from Flickr

Knitting and purling your new favourite hobby? Then sign up for this new top-secret project and leave your stamp on the 2012 Preston Guild.

A new job for the Black Cat

Knit now

I scored myself a fab new job a few weeks ago – and something tells me it’ll be right up your street, fellow crafters!

Menage a Trois Supper Club: A review

Almond brittle, courtesy of Menage a Trois

Supper clubs are springing up all over Manchester and the first one has just opened up in the delightful leafy ‘burb of Altrincham. Here’s what I thought of my first Menage a Trois.

Hunger strikes…

Almond brittle, courtesy of Menage a Trois

Fighting irons at the ready, people of Manchester. The new way to fill your tummies is to head to a stranger’s house for tea. Read on to find out more about how the city is responding to the supper club trend.

Manchester’s Women’s Institute: In Pictures

Sisters are doing it for themselves!

Last week, the Manchester city centre branch of the Women’s Institute held it’s first-ever meeting. Here’s what went down.

Pin-ups in Pinnies: A cupcake review

Argh, sugar coma!

Alcoholic cupcakes? Who’d have thunk it? I put my taste buds to the test, sampling some of Pin-ups in Pinnies’ boozy baked goods. Cheers, y’all!

Jam and Jerusalem in Manchester

Bespoke artwork by Catsneeze

Ladies, arm yourselves with knitting needles and crochet hooks! The Women’s Institute has FINALLY come to Manchester city centre. For home and country, everyone, for home and country!

Knit happens with the Yarnbomb Consortium

The Yarnbomb Consortium

Yarnbombing’s going to explode in Manchester this year, thanks to the brand-spanking new Yarnbomb Consortium, which is launching an International Street Art Collaboration project to create one huge piece of art. Knitters needed now!

Victoria Baths celebrates all things Handmade


Don’t believe that arts and crafts and digital technology mesh well together? Attending Handmade at Victoria Baths in Manchester – part of the FutureEverything festival – may well change your mind.

Pin-Ups in Pinnies

Pin-Ups in Pinnies

Take two eggs, a cup of flour, 100g of butter, one teaspoon of vanilla, a dash of old-school femininity and a pinch of 1950s glamour…Wait, what? That’s the strangest recipe ever! What on earth are you making? Pin-Ups in Pinnies, of course – Manchester’s very own catering company that bakes cupcakes and vintage to perfection every time.


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