Four Years in One Book

This is my first scrapbook and chronicles four years of my life, between my first year at the University of Manchester and the year after my graduation – 2004.

It’s the physical manifestation of a prolonged period of mayhem and merriment that, were it not for the existence of this work, I probably wouldn’t remember very well! The book itself – which contains lots of Anne Geddes pictures and was given to me by one of my best friends from school (who you can see on one of the pages wearing a big sombrero-esque hat) – is unfortunately falling apart because it’s moved house so many times. It’s been very well loved, however, and my friend Leanne and I like to leaf through it on the odd occasion, reminiscing about what once was.

And luckily – although this did happen by accident, as much as I would like to claim I did it on purpose – the whirlwind that was my life during university and beyond is mirrored in the haphazard way the book is put together, which isn’t to say that it’s not still a work of art. Check it out!

It took me forever to stick those silver and purple embellishments on the page - I'm pleased to say most of them are still there after four years. The power of PVA!

We met the drummer in Jillys after the gig and my friend accidentally put her cig out on his arm in the excitement of saying hello, back in the day when smoking was allowed in clubs of course. I unfortunately only had a disposable camera, hence the terrible pictures.

Counting Crows gig, my hero Frank Zappa and a friend after half a glass of Pina Colada

This is simple yet effective - I just happened to have the perfect picture of a friend leaping about, which I knew would go well with Anne Geddes's mushroom babies.

Another friend's band and a letter reviewing the gig

The girl in the hat gave me the book and told me to keep an exciting Sarah-stylee journal. I hope I did her justice!

I like the composition of the pictures at the bottom - three different snaps that tie together very well, I think!

One of many fun gigs that my friends' band played. Sadly, no more.

2 Responses to “Four Years in One Book”
  1. Sarah Adie says:

    Thanks kseverny! That was the idea, although since making it I’ve become very sentimental and now don’t throw anything away in case I want to put it in my new scrapbook, which will be up here soon. Come back and have a look!

  2. kseverny says:

    this is a cool scrapbook.
    You’ll be grateful for this in the future

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