A very arts-and-crafts wedding

The last few days have been a bit emotional for me and my family – my big sister Harriet has become fully fledged and flown the proverbial coop, getting hitched in style on Saturday, July 31st. (Personally, in terms of occasions, I think she’s been a bit greedy as she celebrated her 30th birthday on the 5th as well…how many parties does one person want in a month?)

Anyway, the wedding itself proved to be something of an arts and crafts affair for all involved, particularly my mother who was a veritable busy bee, rushing around for the last year doing all sorts of amazing things like making all the bridesmaids’ dresses, her own mother-of-the-bride frock and even a glorious peacock made of flowers and sequins.

Yes, that’s right – a flower-and-sequin peacock. In fact, I lent a very willing helping hand with this flower-arranging extravaganza and we all think that it worked very well indeed. Luckily, about ten years ago, we actually kept a flock of peacocks and, after they were all eaten by foxes, flew away or were given to the local farm, we still had lots of the tail feathers left which were put to excellent use.

And if you’re wondering how my mum made the head, here’s the inside information: A well-crafted lump of plasticine was painstakingly moulded, beak included, with green, blue and purple sequins stuck all over it to represent the bird’s colours and sticks covered in glitter for the crown.

Here’s how it all went:

The most amazing peacock head there ever was

Close up

The beginning of it all

Pondering the next move

Almost there

The finished peacock


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