Sarah and Leanne’s Banksy holiday weekend

We went on the last weekend it was open and had to queue in the boiling hot sun for five hours which, at first, seemed daunting but because the weather was so nice and we had cleverly armed ourselves with vodka, we had a brilliant time, whiling away the hours with many, many games of I Spy, 20 Questions and a gargling game which involved singing a song with a mouthful of vodka, while the other person guessed what the tune was. Unsurprisingly, we were both quite unsuccessful at it, although lots of giggles and inevitable spurting of alcohol ensued.

Anyway, the exhibition was amazing. Have a look at some of our choice snaps.

The ones where the painting is coming out of the frame are some of my favourites

Love this one

This little chap's eyes are somewhat haunting but so beautiful

This made me chuckle

This is my absolute favourite, of all the paintings and sculptures

Leanne and I enjoying the sun in the queue

4 Responses to “Sarah and Leanne’s Banksy holiday weekend”
  1. Very interesting work. Got to look more closely into this stuff.

    • Sarah Adie says:

      It’s all so amazing – I’ve yet to come across one on the street but if you have the chance to go to an exhibition, I highly recommend it. He’s testament to the fact that graffiti is art, not vandalism.

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