Food and art – the perfect combination

Many may think that art and food have little in common, apart from the fact that even impoverished artists need to eat. However, this is certainly not the case, as I recently discovered during a little jaunt in Cardiff where I met a very talented food-sculpting chef who showed me just what can be achieved with salt, flour and a little bit of ingenuity.

So, with that in mind, I decided to peruse the internet to see what other geniuses abounded in this sphere and, first up, I found Carl Warner, who I think may very well be one of the coolest people ever. He enlists the services of a team of designers and food stylists to help him create Foodscapes – landscape paintings made entirely of tasty treats. He’s also got a book out this October that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the process, which I’m definitely going to get my hands on.

Matthew Carden is another one who likes to make gastronomic landscapes, only he’s taken it one step further and included a human element with little models of people getting up to all sorts on brocolli trees and marshmallows. His website’s not up to much unfortunately but have a look – maybe you’ll have better luck than I at getting it to work!

I also came across a great site called Pimp That Snack, which – although you may question its artistic worth – is definitely in need of viewing as some of the examples are hilarious. My favourites include the giant Freddo, the Rubik Cake and Biglets (a close relation of the Twiglet). Enjoy, but beware obesity and diabetes Type 2.

However, if you thought that this trend for making art of food is a new phenomenon, you’d be wrong – in fact, the Renaissance masters appeared to be quite taken with it as well, such as Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who produced a number of works along a natural theme, such as Summer. Part of the Four Seasons collection, this is an on-profile representation of a human head, made up vegetables and leaves. Fantastico!

Till next time, art lovers – I’m off to see what I can whip up in my kitchen.


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