Why I like the Daily Telegraph

“The Daily Telegraph”

Image by tripu via Flickr

The Daily Telegraph has always been there, this permanent fixture in my life that can seemingly do no wrong. My parents read it, it’s always on the kitchen table and, thus, I read it too. I’m not interested in politics particularly – unless it’s something that immediately affects me, a sad truth that no doubt applies to the majority of the UK – so I don’t really care if it’s meant to be a Tory paper. However, every time I tell someone of my generation that I read it, I get some sort of sneery look in reply and the question: “Are you a Tory girl?”

No, is the short answer. But I do like the paper  and here’s why: its website.

Artistically, it’s great if what you’re looking for is a quick cultural fix with your cup of coffee before work in the morning.

Pictures of the day, for example, is great light reading first thing and gears me up for the day ahead.

I always come across something very interesting that makes me think, such as mouth and foot painting artists, or pictures that inspire me to rush home, dig out my pens and start going loco on some paper or find a camera and start snapping away, like examples of Mark Mawson’s work. He drops paint into water and photographs the effects – some of which are truly spectacular.

But, art malarkey aside, the Daily Telegraph website offers me a lot more choice information. I am particularly partial to its weird news section, which I actually subscribe to on my Google Reader, something I do recommend as some of the stories are utterly bizarre. I’ve come across all sorts of stories, such as a cinema that is being sued for wasting a woman’s time by showing adverts before the start of a film.

So, you see, the Daily Telegraph is a quality publication and one I shall endeavour to read for a long time to come. I invite you all to do the same. (Incidentally, I do also read the news from time to time.)

5 Responses to “Why I like the Daily Telegraph”
  1. Leanne Wren says:

    Daily Telegraph has always been my paper of choice for the same reasons- the paper my parents read and good Internet. Used to read the times online as I liked the layout of that also however you have to pay for it now! Bloody journalists not working for free!!

  2. amydavies says:

    I like the Daily Telegraph too – but I also like the Guardian. The Telegraph is very hard to read on the train, The Guardian slightly easier. The Telegraph website is very good though, and as you rightly point out, their photography galleries are great. On a Sunday though it’s a toss up between the Observer and The Sunday Times (although we’re supposed to shun that for being Murdochy but I’ve never really cared). I spend too much time reading food magazines to care about politics 🙂

    • Sarah Adie says:

      I think all broadsheets are a bit tricky to handle on the train – why do they need to be so big? I can just about manage the Metro on my way to work. I like the Guardian’s G2 section and read the Sunday Times on the odd occasion. But seeing as I spend the majority of my time on the internet these days, it’s all about the Telegraph.

  3. Pooky says:

    At least you didn’t choose the Daily Mail. If it were your read if choice you’d be too busy blogging about political correctness gone mad to write this I daresay.

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