Vox popping in the rain

Any journalist out there who’s been called upon to hit the streets, canvassing people’s opinions, will know just how hard this can sometimes be. Up until now, I’ve always had the luck to have done it in good weather – people are much more inclined to stop and talk things through if the sun shines.

Today, however, it rained. Not only that, it actually poured. You can always count on Manchester’s heavens to open at entirely the wrong time and it happened to be the day I needed to go out and about, pounding the pavement, questioning students on travel and debt. Not only that, Manchester United and Liverpool were playing at Old Trafford so the city was somewhat busy and no one wanted to have a chat.

Not that I let that stop me. A good journalist always gets her story and I finally managed it, after being turned down many, many times by people who were a) either happy to talk but didn’t want their picture taken, b) had no interest in being in a magazine article at all or c) were disinclined to stop in the rain to discuss the state of their overdrafts. Can’t say I blame them.

Words of advice when vox popping in inclement weather:

  • Take a coat with a hood. An umbrella is no good, you need your hands free to work that dictaphone.
  • Don’t bother with a notepad, it will only turn to pulp.
  • Wear wellies or other sensible footwear that won’t give you trench foot after half an hour.
  • Use a car, you’ll catch your death otherwise.
  • Be prepared to beg.

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