Butterflies for babies

Butterfly mobileI’d love to take the credit for this gorgeous butterfly mobile but, to tell the God’s honest truth, I never considered working with felt before I happened across this most perfect of blogs, Bugs and Fishes. Prior to seeing what magic tricks Laura Lupin can do, felt was something of a sorepoint for me – a bit like chewing cotton wool, it always felt a bit strange between my fingers and, oftentimes, I would break out into something of a disgusted shiver when handling it.

But then I saw her butterfly mobile and knew I had to make it for my two friends’ beautiful new babies, Mason and Lyra. I borrowed her butterfly template and got to work – and it was so easy that I recommend everyone has a go!

I made double-sided butterflies and stuck them together with PVA glue – Laura sewed hers but I found glue worked just as well and was much cheaper as I didn’t have to buy lots of different coloured threads. And the little felt balls I bought over the internetĀ – there are lots of sites to choose from. Enjoy!

Butterfly mobile 2 Butterfly mobile 3

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