Captain America revs up the flagship – off to Manchester!


Captain America #350 (February 1989): Rogers a...

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Avengers assemble! We’re going for a jaunt to Manchester. Perhaps not the most glamorous of destinations but for the northern city itself, the arrival of the Captain America film crew and cast is certainly one of the more exciting events to take place in recent times. I should know, I live here.

So, of course, upon hearing that Samuel L Jackson, Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones et al were in town, I had to make my own way to the city centre to see just what they were getting up to. It began promisingly – we came across a sign saying that today’s filming would involve simulated gunfire, rifle shots and an explosion – but sadly my good friend Chris and I didn’t see much of anything at all, apart from a few classic cars, an old-school signpost, some painted buildings and an absolutely massive green screen. Ho hum. Oh, and I did get yelled at by one jobsworth lackey who, as I was about to take a photo of what little I could actually see, shouted “jog on, you’re in the film shot”, even though no filming was going on at the time.

Of course, others were more lucky – a barman I got chatting to,  whose establishment was directly opposite the set, said one of his friends apparently saw Bruce Willis in a coffee shop (although I’m not sure how true this is), while he himself saw a car on fire on his way to work. But, hell, the latter’s not atypical of a Saturday morning in Manchester anyway, innit.


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