Autumn de Forest shows us how it’s done

There’s something unspeakably cool about a nine-year-old producing art work that gets compared with that of Monet and Dali – obviously, I wish that had been me but at that age I was far too preoccupied with making mud pies to throw at the neighbours and generally annoying my older sister to¬† be that interesting – but Autumn de Forest certainly has her finger firmly on the artistic pulse.

She spends her days, when not at school, obviously, working on canvases substantially bigger than she is – her father has even had to build a bridge-bench contraption so that she can reach parts of the board she is working on – and now the world at large is discovering her paintings for itself, with the youngster featuring on the Today Show, getting a mention in the Daily Mail and holding auctions to sell off her works (she’s just made $250,000 – hearty congratulations are in order).

But I could wax lyrical about her mad skills till the end of time and you’d probably still say, ‘she’s only nine. How good can they actually be?’ Well, it’s not just her ability with a paintbrush that impresses me – it’s the content that’s even more beyond her years, with images of cow skulls and foetuses creeping through. My favourite has to be Autumn Colours – at first glance, it looks like paint’s just been chucked about with carefree abandon, but beneath all that a face can just be made out. Haunting yet beautiful.

3 Responses to “Autumn de Forest shows us how it’s done”
  1. Sarah Adie says:

    I know! it’s impressing and depressing at the same time – what was I doing when I was nine? I may have written a short story or two about talking pheasants but that’s not quite in the same league. What were your nine-year-old activities like?

    • Leanne Wren says:

      I think I spent quite a bit of time pretending to be in the famous five but my dog was always, disappointingly, less co-operative and heroic than Timmy!

  2. Leanne Wren says:

    That’s amazing! The one with the face is pretty and haunting! Crayola to foetus… What a range of subject matter. Seriously impressed!

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