If I were a rich girl…

If money were no object – and God knows, it certainly is – I’d certainly splash the cash on the Banksy pub, going up for sale tomorrow (November 19th) at Venmore Auctions. Now, I have no aspirations to be a landlady but I’d love to own a building that bore the Banksy mark and it looks like it can be developed to be whatever the buyer wants it to be, so the chance to live in a work of art certainly seems to be possible.

Apparently, the Bristolian graffiti artist was commissioned by Liverpool council to create the work for the 2004 biennial art festival and now the picture of a rat holding a marker pen is there for the whole world to see. Rejoice!

Now all I need is somewhere in the region of £175,000 – fingers crossed for my next paycheck.

2 Responses to “If I were a rich girl…”
  1. Sarah Adie says:

    Rah – I’ve never seen any Banksy on the street, which is obviously where you’re meant to see it. Fancy doing a northern Banksy crawl at some point?

  2. Leanne Wren says:

    I walked past this pub a few months ago totally by chance! Was glad to see a bit of Banksy ‘in situ’!

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