The perfect arts and crafts kit

Newbies to the arts and crafts sphere are no doubt excited about getting started on their first projects. Some say there’s nothing scarier than a blank piece of paper, but to the enthusiastic crafter, the opposite is entirely true – just a brief glance at card stock, corrugated paper or an untouched piece of felt and the ideas come pouring forth, a relentless wave of endless mind vomit.

However, what novices won’t know – and what experience can really only tell them, unless another kindhearted, like-minded individual thinks to bring to their attention – is that there are certain items that can make their journey into the world of make do and mend a lot less bumpy.

Up until recently, I refused to purchase anything to do with crafting except the absolute bare essentials, until I realised that I was actually making my own life harder. For instance, I only bought a craft board a month ago – up until that point, I was using the back of my mirror whenever I wanted to use a craft knife, which probably strikes old-hat crafters as a little strange but, to be honest, as a cutting board it does work very well, although you do end up with bits of wood fraying eventually.

So I would say a craft board should probably be your first investment, alongside the absolute necessity that is a craft knive. I use mine for everything and can honestly say I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Next, naturally, a pair of scissors is an essential as, while craft knives are great for certain things, they’re not so hot when it comes to cutting out circles. Many a crumpled up piece of paper will attest to this.

And, of course, no craft kit would be complete without a metal ruler, something else I only just decided to stock up on. I’ve been labouring away with plastic ones and innocently wondering why they end up all rough around the edges, after using them with my craft knife for five years at a time. I know – how ridiculous.

Stick all of the above in a box – mine is a tatty old shoebox but one of these days I fully intend to upgrade to something pretty and shiny, possibly one with polka dots – and throw in a number of different types of pencils, a sharpener (which I also do not have, relying on my trusty knife to do all sharpening required, but will soon be getting because I keep bluntening blades), some paintbrushes, a pot or two of ink, PVA glue and away you go.

If there’s anything else I’ve forgotten, why not inspire me with some of your perfect kit suggestions!


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