Diary of a Novice Knitter – Day 1

I’ ve been hankering after a new arts and crafts project for quite some time now but there’s so much out there to choose from, I’ve had trouble making up my mind just where to start. So – hip hip hooray then that my clever psychic mother went out and bought me alpaca wool (soft, soft, soft!) and the biggest knitting needles I ever did see for Christmas.

As I unwrapped the rather strange, lumpy-looking package that sat under the tree, I could hardly contain my glee and absolutely could not wait to start click-clacking those needles and getting all knit-one-purl-one, whipping up socks, jumpers and cute little sweater dresses and never having to go shopping again.

Ah, I remember that feeling oh-so fondly. It was indeed short-lived. As it turns out, I hate knitting. It’s hard, the instructions make no sense (casting on? What precisely do you mean? And have you ever looked at a knitting pattern? My god!) and my wool keeps twisting up around itself, requiring me to stop every three stitches to dangle it over the arm of my chair so it unwinds. Rah!

Both my mother and my sister have indulged in this pastime before and informed me that it’s best to start with something simple like a scarf (I’ll admit – upon seeing my present, I was entertaining notions of me producing complicated articles like socks and bobble hats within no time…ha!) but even that’s proving to be a bit of an uphill struggle at the moment. Not least because I’ve been given two different colours of wool to make stripes – that should be interesting.

No matter, I shall prevail. I will not be beaten by a mere ball of wool. And at least now I know why only older women seem to know how to do this well – it’s taken them that long to learn the practice.


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