Diary of a Novice Knitter – Day 3

The dreaded new ball of wool – panic stations!

Not too shabby, even if I do say so myself. Today I actually managed to start a fresh ball of wool on my scarf, which is coming along nicely and should be ready to wear some time in the next two years or so, I estimate.

I’ve steered clear of my needles for the last week – sadly, I’m not as young as I once was and it takes me this long to bounce back from a night out and New Year’s Eve was a bit messy to say the least, so I thought it wise to abandon all crafty pursuits until I felt much more like my old self again – but have picked them up again with relish and am pleased to say the 7-day break seems to have worked wonders on my knitting skills.

I did a quick Google of ball-of-wool-changing videos and, although there were a few that seemed like they’d be helpful, I found I couldn’t watch and knit at the same time and couldn’t remember the instructions well enough to do it without the video on, so figured I’d just damn the consequences and see what happened. And so it came to pass that God looked down on me and smiled – I only had to unravel my rows twice before I figured it out. Tadaa! Knitting genius.

Here’s how: Take your new ball of wool, loop it over the needle with knitting on it and then make stitches as normal. Pretty simple, not sure why I was so reluctant to give it a go, apart from the fact I’m a big scaredy cat.

The only major trouble I had was getting confused between the bit of wool left over from the last ball and the thread from my new one, but I got there in the end. Phew!

My progress so far:

Getting there


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