Diary of a Novice Knitter – Day 4

I awoke this morning with the vague feeling I’d had a bit of a bad dream. You know the feeling I mean – like there’s something tugging on the edge of your consciousness as your day continues but you can’t quite put your finger on what it was. As I was brushing my teeth, it finally clicked -I’d been dreaming about knitting.

Ah, I hear you cry, how lovely. What a charming dream. Oh, no – quite the opposite in fact. As it transpired, I was having a bit of an arts and crafts nightmare, perhaps spurred on by the fact I was very busy yesterday evening click-clacking away while watching rather rubbish, fantastical film The Spiderwicke Chronicles.

This must have informed my slumber, as I was apparently quite busy in my sleep last night trying to figure out who had unravelled all my wool and tied it in big knots around the outside of my house, which happened to be a rather grand and very creepy old mansion.

Once I’d gathered it all back up and followed the strands back into the house, I came across my scarf and, much to my abject horror, found that someone had undone all my knitting and redone it themselves, although not in turquoise and blue stripes as I had done. All I had left was a very long scarf, made entirely of turquoise wool, which, obviously, left me in the very depths of despair.

I think I may need to take a break from the old knitting for a while.


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