Marble-ous fun!

I’ve never been one to paint my nails – except when I was about 15 and thought I was the coolest cat around, with each nail in a different colour – but that’s all about to change, I feel, thanks to the absolute marvel that is marbling.

This involves dripping blobs of varnish into some warm water (apparently, purified works best but I did it with Manchester’s finest, straight from the tap and it worked fine), swizzling your colours around with a cocktail stick until you’re satisfied with the patterns you’ve made and then dipping your finger into the polish.

The end result is all kinds of fantastic and makes your fingernails look as if you’ve spent hours at the salon being pampered, when in reality it takes about 20 minutes.

Have a look at the video that my friend and I made and you’ll see just how easy it is to revolutionise your nail care.

And here are some I made earlier – I went with a strawberries-and-cream theme with white and pink varnish, which came out looking quite sweet. I initially went with black and red, but I felt a bit bawdy so it had to go.

Check out my how-to page later for a more in-depth look at how it’s done. If you’ve got any hints and tips for perfect marbled nails, give me a shout – I’m new to the art so any suggestions and ideas would be great. Until then, marble on, my friends.

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