Mollie Makes craft mag soon to launch

Mark April 12th down in your diaries, please, and make sure you have a spare £4.99. That way you’ll be sure to remember to buy super-duper new craft magazine Mollie Makes and that you have enough petty cash to get your hands on a copy. That’s right, folks – there’s a new craft mag in town and it looks bee-yoo-tiful.

Published by Bath-based company Future (responsible for the likes of The Knitter, Cross Stitcher and Simply Knitter, so the name might ring a bell or two), it looks like Mollie Makes intends to break new ground for the business, attracting a different breed of crafter.

Just a cursory glance at Future’s crafting portfolio and the overriding impression is one of the more mature lady, quietly sitting before a roaring fire, the clacking of her knitting needles the only discernable sound (except for the occasional miaow from one of her many cats).

Not so Mollie Makes – the difference between this title and its counterparts is immediately clear. No twee colour schemes, no quaint patterns for you to give a go, no grinning girl/woman decked out proudly in one of her creations. Oh no, this magazine’s for the cool kids, and thank god. It’s about time the aforementioned stereotype of what makes a crafter was given a swift, no-messing kick in the unmentionables.

If you’re into fabric crafts, then Mollie Makes is surely the magazine for you. Editor-in-chief Janet Meadowcroft defines it as “so much more than a traditional pocket book – it is a lifestyle magazine for the generation who make up the handmade revolution”.

That’s you and me, people, so look lively and immerse yourself in the Mollie Makes world – you’ll find it full of professional interviews, ace craft projects (I heart the crochet apple jackets on the front cover, so cute yet essentially useless!) and some freebies to boot. What more could you ask? I know! A sneak preview on Issuu – voila!

Let me know what you think (and send them a quick tweet about it too!). I’m off to raid my piggy bank for that £4.99. Adieu!


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