Eurocultured, baby!

Pic taken from the Eurocultured website

Pic taken from the Eurocultured websiteNo excuse for boredom this weekend, my friends. Here comes Eurocultured to save the day, rescuing you from that attack of ‘weekendvy’ (Google it) you were dreading come Tuesday morning when the bank holiday is over and you’re back at your desk, wondering where it all went wrong.

So head on down to Oxford Road on May 29th and 30th to check out the goings-on. You’ll find me dividing my time fairly evenly between the live painting sets by Mr Jago and Bue the Warrior, and the main stage beneath the railway station.

Here, a veritable cornucopia of excitement will be taking place – looking forward to the Balkan Beat Box and the Breakdance Competition, as well as the dance showcases from Audio Kidz and Dolly Mix, the most but I categorically guarantee (bit risky, I know) that you’ll have the best time in your life ever. If not, I promise I shall eat my hat.

Can I get a hell yeah? (On Eurocultured, not hat eating.)


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