Sister Act vs Banksy

So check this, yo. I was watching Sister Act last weekend (and have been singing Salve Regina at the top of my voice and dealing with my burning desire to join a choir ever since) when one particular shot came on screen and it suddenly struck me like a tonne of proverbial bricks – the symmetry between certain motifs in this film and Banksy’s juxtaposition of contrasting images is undeniable. Almost palpable, even.

Just check these screen grabs out – imagine them spray-painted onto a crumbling wall in Bristol and hey presto! Banksy alert.

I mean, compare them to these Banksy originals:


You see what I’m saying – there’s totally merit in this idea, you know it!

So I put it to you, therefore, that Banksy – world-renowned graffiti artist whose work sells for thousands upon thousands of pounds and is revered from here to Timbuktu, wherever that may be – didn’t hone his craft on the mean streets of the south-west. Oh, no. I am now certain he found inspiration in a film about singing nuns. I’d stake my life on it, in fact*.

What say ye? Yay or nay?

* Obviously, this is not the case. I jest.

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