DIY marbled paper

In your face, Paperchase! No longer do we have to spend hundreds and squillions of pounds on your very overpriced paper (as nice as it is) to make our scrapbooks look divine. Thanks to the wonder that is marbling, we can now make our own – and sleep happy in the knowledge that nobody else will have the same paper as us. Hooray!

If you’ve tried this before you probably know that marbling ink is pretty darned expensive as well, so here’s the perfect solution – make your own. Here’s a helpful how-to guide to meet all your marbling needs. Badabing!

How to: Make your own marbling inks


Jam jars (mine were lemon curd jars, but same diff…)

Old oil paints


Ceramic bowl/spoon

Step 1: Mush up your oil paints in the bowl until in a smooth paste.

Step 2: Throw in a capful or two of turpentine until the mixture comes out semi-transparent when you paint a bit on some paper.

Step 3: Pour into your jam (or lemon curd) jar and screw that lid on tight.

Here are some I made earlier:

Once you’ve finished with this messy business, there’s more to come. You’re ready to start making some really cool paper at a fraction of the cost of buying it in a craft shop.

How to: Make wonderful marbled paper


A tray


Step 1: Fill the tray with 1-1.5 inches of water.

Step 2: Add drops of your homemade ink to the tray, alternating between different colours. I did it by pouring but a pipette might work better – just don’t do it from too high up, or the ink will sink to the bottom of the tray.

Step 3: Swirl your inks together with the paintbrush, but not too much or you run the risk of muddying them together.

Step 4: Place your paper carefully on top, wait till the ink sinks in and then lift from one corner, letting the water run off the page.

My first attempt went a little something like this:

Tadaa! There you have it – wonderful paper that’s fun to make and doesn’t cost the earth.

This was just my first go and I’m sure I’ll get better at it as time goes on. If you’ve marbled before and have any tips to help me out, share the wealth, pals.


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