Quick crafts: Funky felt flowers

If you haven’t arts and crafted in a while and are getting a bit jittery, in need of your next fix, then rejoice! Here’s a fun little project that’ll inject some home-made magic straight into your bloodstream. No fooling – give these funky felt flowers a go and you’ll see what I mean.

Alright, alright…here’s the how-to.

How to: Make felt flowers in under ten minutes

Step 1: Cut concentric circles in different coloured scraps of felt, cutting a smaller circle out of each one so they can stuff inside each other easily.

Step 2: Stuff the smallest one inside the next smallest one and stuff that inside the biggest, gluing their bottoms together. Leave the tops so you can fluff it out a bit.

Step 3: Sew a pretty little pearly bead at the centre and sit back and admire your handiwork.

Here’s some picture evidence:

How to: Make felt flowers in under 30 minutes

Step 1: This one’s a bit more complicated. Find a flower template you like and draw round it five times on some felt scraps. Cut out.

Step 2: Place one flower down flat, then fold the rest in half.

Step 3: Place the first folded flower on top of the flat one, then turn and place the rest successively on top of each other, turning as you go.

Step 4: Position the end of the fourth folded flower beneath the end of the third it so it stays secure without you holding it.

Step 5: Stitch the flowers together then sew a little pearly bead in the centre.

Here’s how I got on:

The applications for these little beauties are endless – wear them as brooches by sewing a pin on the back, create a lovely wall hanging or make a gorgeous headband … Your only limit is your imagination! Yay!

So what will you be making?

2 Responses to “Quick crafts: Funky felt flowers”
  1. sarah@antidote_studio says:

    Oh, joy! I have an insane amount of felt that I don’t know what to do with. I think flowery headbands are one of the answers!

    • Sarah Adie says:

      Definitely! I quite like the flowers as brooches and I just finished making a statement necklace with felt roses which you might want to give a go as well. Very easy and looks so pretty!

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