More tea, vicar?

The clock has just struck four. Time for that well-earned cuppa, the one you’ve been dreaming about since lunch. Stick the kettle on, open the packet and plop the tea bag in your cup. But wait! Don’t throw the sachet in the bin – use it and abuse it to make something magnificently arts and crafty, just like Tiny van der Plas did way back in 1992, when tea bag folding was just a twinkle in her eye.

Legend has it that, while musing over a birthday card she had forgotten to purchase, van der Plas absentmindedly began folding the sachet of a herbal tea bag then looked down to her hands and realised what she’d created: a card for her younger sister and a magical new craft was born.

It’s taken almost 20 years but tea bag folding is finally taking off. Also known as miniature kaleidoscopic origami, there are countless websites awaiting your perusal, all with a dedicated tea bag following.

Folding fiend Kathleen Alcock sees appeal in its simplicity. “I can fold the papers anywhere – on holiday, in front of the television – and put them together at a later date. I love the fact that a mere square of patterned paper can result in a beautiful card.”

And if you’re worried Earl Grey would object to being folded into the shape of a kite, spare his feelings by printing off a design of your choice from the web. These are lovingly provided for you by hundreds of enthusiastic tea bag fans everywhere.

So does this appeal to your inner crafter? Let me know!

3 Responses to “More tea, vicar?”
  1. You’re just as nutty as you always were! I look forward to seeing your teabag creations though…

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