Quick crafts: Beautiful trinket boxes

If diamonds really are your best friend then don’t they deserve to be well looked after and made to feel loved? You bet your aunt Sally they do. Your jewellery collection is probably screaming out right this very second for you to find it a sweet new place to live after years of being stuffed away in a drawer, neglected until that one rare night out when you drape it round your neck or stick it in your ears. Help is on the way, however, and you can rescue your gems and baubles by making one of these easy-as-pie trinket boxes.

How to: Make cardboard trinket boxes in a finger snap.

Step 1: Draw a flat net cube shape on some cardboard of your choice (there are loads of templates on the internet, if you can’t figure out how it goes)

Step 2: On the side opposite the base of your box, draw a symmetrical shape you like at the top of the second and fourth inside flaps. This will be the top of the box

Step 3: Cut out the net and then score where all the joints will be

Step 4: Glue together

Step 5: Make a slit at the bottom of one half of your shape and another at the top of the other one so they slot together.

Step 6: Slot together, then decorate away. Job done.

Here comes the science bit – in pictures.

Here are mine, a bit jazzed up:

So … How much do you love me? I know, I know, it’s a lot. Don’t forget to check out my other quick crafts – fun, fun in the sun!


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