Quick crafts: The perfect pinwheel brooch

 If only you could always plan your crafting projects months in advance. Alas, this isn’t possible all the time and one black,black day you could find yourself faced with a true crafting emergency. Say you’ve forgotten your best friend’s birthday and it’s 10pm on a Sunday night (so shopping opportunities are done), the day before the big event itself. What do you do? First step, don’t panic. Second step, make this perfect pinwheel brooch and you’ll be her favourite party guest that there ever was.

So get out your felt and sewing kit – here’s the how-to.

How to: Make the perfect pinwheel brooch

Step 1: Cut 2 4×4-inch felt squares in complementary colours

Step 2: Sew them together in some contrasting thread, leaving a bit of a margin

Step 3: Draw a straight line from corner to corner and measure 1.75 inches down each line. Then cut to the mark

Step 4: Fold down alternating flaps and sew together in the middle

Step 5: Sew a button onto the top of the flaps and a pin on the back. Voila!

How-to in pictures:

Tra la la, isn’t it lovely? If you have a sewing machine, then this could be made in about 15 minutes – ideal if you only have a jiffy in which to get crafty. Unfortunately for me, I am currently sewing machine-less, so had to stitch by hand, which took the duration of Terminator 3. Sad times.

Hot tip

If you find yourself in the same position as me and have to sew by hand, you can make sure your stitches stay straight by lining your thread up across the felt as you go.

 If you’ve got any quick felt projects like this, let me know – I need some more in my crafting arsenal!

Should you have time on your side, however, then give this butterfly felt mobile a go – it’s booful!

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