Golden snitch o’clock

What a sin it would be to throw a Harry Potter party without hanging golden snitches around and about the place with carefree abandon. This is how I reckon set designer extraordinaire Stephenie McMillan made hers, quicker than you can say “wingardium leviosa”…

How to: Make the perfect golden snitch*


Ping pong balls



Pierce two holes either side of your ping pong balls and make the holes a bit bigger with some scissors. Slip your feathers in, spray with some gold paint and tadaa! A golden snitch before your very eyes.

From zero:

To hero in 4.6 seconds (or thereabouts) :

Hang them anywhere you can. If you have the spends, invest in some helium, fill up a few balloons and then attach the snitches with some thread, so it looks like they’re flying about of their own accord. Charming!

And while you’re at it, why not have a look at my Harry Potter party invitations? Everyone will want to come to your shindig!

* Be prepared for your male friends to make oh-so sophisticated golden snatch jokes. Guffaw, chuckle, snigger etc…

3 Responses to “Golden snitch o’clock”
    • Sarah Adie says:

      Thanks! They’re so easy to make and take no time at all. The hardest part is spray-painting. I tried with bronze at first and it didn’t stick to the ball at all. The gold I got (can’t remember the make) stuck immediately.

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