Icing on the cake

To all members of the Cupcake Appreciation Society (if such a thing exists, which I truly hope it does) – give your baking jazz hands with these ab-fab cake toppers. A piece of cake to make and beautiful to boot! Mine are Harry Potter-stylee because I’m throwing a Harry Potter party next week (yay!), but you can style yours up in a multitude of ways. Once your cupcakes have ¬†been munched, save the toppers for another occasion – or decorate your house with them. Mmmm, cake.

How to: Make the best cake toppers, like, ever.


Coloured card

Cream card



Calligraphy pen/black ink

Wooden sticks


– Draw a series of 12 circles on your card and cut out. Measure another circle inside these and cut out so you have 12 rings.

– Draw another 12 on contrasting coloured card that are slightly bigger so they overlap the first lot. Cut out and stick to the first 12.

– Draw 12 smaller circles on your cream card and cut out.

– Draw your chosen design onto the cream circles and stick to the rings.

– Glue the finished rings to your wooden stick.


Wait for them to dry and then stick them in your cakes for bakey goodness with that little something extra.

All that talk of cake has made me hungry…To the kitchen! Catch ya on the flipside, homies.


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