Spook-tacular pumpkin fun!

My heart goes out to pumpkins, it really does. They’re like the geese of the gardening world – fattened up all year round until Halloween hits and then they’re sold off to the highest bidder, who takes their prize home and disembowels it without a second thought, sticks a burning candle in its tummy and then chucks it in the bin two days later. Sad times for pumpkins.

So, I’m launching a counter-offensive and offering you up an alternative to the cruel sport of pumpkin carving: Pumpkin crafting. Swap your carving knife for some cardboard and a bit of sellotape – your pumpkin will certainly thank you for it – and check out my endeavour!

How to: Make a rather batty pumpkin


1 pumpkin

Black card


Wooden sticks



– Draw a bat wing template on your black card, cut out and draw again.

– Tape your wooden sticks onto the backs of your wings and then stick into the pumpkin at a suitable angle. Still a little mean, but not quite like having chunks of your body hacked out!

And voila:


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