Queen of Crafts, you say?

Sigh. If only I didn’t have precious few doubloons to my name right now. If I was making some scratch, I’d rush straight out and buy Queen of Crafts by Jazz Domino Holly – daughter of rocker Joe Strummer (of The Clash fame). Thankfully, Christmas is right around the corner so MASSIVE present hint to all those intending to buy me something come December.

It seems like there’s something for everyone in this weighty tome. Whether you’re into knitting, sewing, gardening, preserving or baking, this book will help you out with some great projects and make sure you’re a Queen of Crafts in no time as well.

Fingers crossed Father Christmas deposits a copy in my stocking (I say stocking, but we have pillow cases in the Adie household – they hold so much more) this year.

Here’s what the lady herself had to say about her book:

She also just chatted with the Sunday Mail about her dad, her crafting inspiration and what she has planned for the future. Diamond!

If you’ve already bagged yourself a copy of her book, let me know what you think!


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