Yay! Christmas presents!

I’m poor this year because I’m gainfully unemployed (well, not really – I’m a freelance journalist so oftentimes I’m brokeback mountain – like right now, five short, short weeks before The Big Day) so Christmas has demanded I make as many presents as my little fingers can manage. If I did have pots of gold at the end of my rainbow, however, I’d shell out on a few choice gifts from The Craftivist Collective and help raise awareness of global issues like climate change, gender inequality, labour exploitation and whatnot, as WELL as bringing joy and merriment to everyone on my present list.

So what can you get for your hard-earned doubloons? Well, let’s have a ganders – for a tenner you can get a mini protest banner DIY kit, which comes with instructions, a cross stitch needle, thread, ideas for content and a little label, so whoever you give it to can pick a cause close to their heart and let their hometown know how they feel.

Or what about the set of five different postcards, yours for the princely sum of £5? These are pictures of the aforementioned mini protest banners in action, tied to railings and stuck on lampposts for all the world to see and be inspired by.

Then there’s Become Who You Are bunting, made from recycled paper and costing just £2.50. This isn’t strictly craftivism but is meant to be inspirational and encourage people to reach their full potential and make a difference.

And last but by no means least, my personal favies – the Craftivist/Craptivist badges. If you know a crafter that cares then the Craftivist badge is the obvious choice, but if your pal would rather push knitting needles up her nose than make a pair of socks, then the Craptivist pin is the one for her. These have been designed for people who aren’t crafters but still care about the Collective’s message and want to help promote it.

If you know someone who cares about the global issues – or just think it’s about time everyone you know gave a shiny rat’s ass about something outside their own little world – then these are definitely the gifts for you. You can get your hands on them at the Collective’s shop, its own Folksy store or bookshop News from Nowhere, although you’ll have to get on over to Liverpool to find this latter establishment.

BUT! If you want the chance to have a chat to the Collective about their causes, while doing your yuletide shopping, head to the Bust magazine Christmas Craftacular this weekend (November 27th) in York Hall in Bethnal Green, London, where the group will have its very own craftilicious stall. Badabing!


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