My edible Christmas tree!

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la! This is basically the first year since I left home that I’ve caught Christmas fever. Usually I just wait till I get to my parents’ house, where all the hard work of cooking and decorating is already done, to feel a bit festive, but this year I’ve decided it’s time to really get into the spirit of it all. No more bah humbug for me!

So, I’ve started my yuletide extravaganza with an edible Christmas tree. I’m so over tinsel and an angel on top of the tree – for me, 2011 is aaaaaaaaall about pretzel garlands, silver cones filled with sweeties and gingerbread stained glass window cookies. Delish!

So here you go, my little muffins – here are some snapshots of my tasty, tasty tree*!

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And, just because I rule, here are some little-known facts about Christmas decorations and trees:

1. The first tinsel was in fact made of real silver (bit extravagant?) and originated from 17th-century Germany.

2. Once upon a time the cheekiest of all plants, mistletoe, was revered in Britain and had to be cut down using a golden sickle.

3. Originally, Christmas decorations were sweets, apples, biscuits or homemade flowers – so I’m taking it back to the old school with my olde worlde tree. Woop!

What would you make if you wanted to decorate your tree with yummy-scrummy tasty stuff? What do you think I should do next year? I’m thinking felt Christmas pudding decorations and nothing else.

*Just found out that Christmas trees themselves are edible as well. Can’t imagine myself chowing down on a pine, but apparently the needles are a good source of vitamin C. Food for thought?

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