Meringue snowflakes? Surely not!

Prepare to be amazed, people. Not just by my meringue snowflakes I whipped up for my edible Christmas tree (which I think should now come with a health warning, since just looking at it is probably enough to cause diabetes type 2) but by the fact that I made my mixture entirely by hand, after melting my electric whisk making the worst cupcakes in the world ever. Not only that, but I made the mixture by hand TWICE because I baked my snowflakes on greaseproof paper the first time and they wouldn’t come off except in millions of tiny, useless snowflake pieces.

Anyhoo, here’s my second, more successful attempt, cooked on baking paper this time. (Who knew there was a difference?) Bits did fall off because I didn’t treat them with enough respect, but one of them did emerge completely unscathed, resplendent in all its snowflake glory:

My magical meringue recipe:

– 2 eggs

– 4oz sugar (it’s 20z sugar per egg, in case you want to make any more)


– Separate your egg whites (make sure you keep the yolks for something else – my mum yelled when I said I’d thrown them away.)

– Beat those bad boys till your arm falls off, or they turn fluffy. (If you’re lucky you’ll have a food processor, I basically can’t feel my right arm now.)

– Start adding your sugar, teaspoon by teaspoon until it’s all gone, whisking while you do.

– Keep whisking away merrily until your mixture stands up in peaks, then scoop it into a piping bag and make some pretty snowflake patterns on BAKING paper (not greaseproof paper).

– Bake at 100 degrees C in a fan oven for around an hour.

– Tie some gold thread around one end carefully and hang on your tree. Or, scoff straightaway!

4 Responses to “Meringue snowflakes? Surely not!”
  1. Hi Sarah,

    This is really remarkable. A very fragile design. Love the edible tree!


    • Sarah Adie says:

      Thanks! It’s looking a little munched upon, having been up for a week, but everyone seems to be enjoying it – definitely something to be repeated in years to come. Give the meringues a go – they do look lovely on the tree. Just don’t make them too big because they break quicker and make sure you eat them in a day or two, or they go a bit soggy!

  2. This sounds so doable! Lovely recipe and images. Do drop by my space when you can. I’d love to hear from you.

    • Sarah Adie says:

      They are really easy to make – the hardest part is not breaking them when hanging them on the tree! You can add some peppermint essence as well to make them extra tasty, or use a bit of edible glitter for a bit of pizzazz.

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