Quick festive fixes

Short on time but still want to Christmas it up right nice? Try these three yuletide decoration ideas and spruce up your house in no time!

Bottle It




Spray paint – white and and a metallic colour


– Dry your sticks out and then spray paint white

– Spray your bottles 3/4 of the way up, fading out as you reach the neck

– Once everything’s dry, put the sticks in the bottles and voila! An easy-peasy but very wintry Christmas decoration.

Statement Snowflakes


Coloured paper squares


3D foam squares


– Fold your paper to make a triangle and fold again to make a smaller one

– Fold again at a 30 degree angle, then fold the remaining third over

– Cut the top off and then snip away to your heart’s content

– Once you’ve made as many as you want (or can be bothered) use your 3D foam squares and stick on your wall in a groovy pattern. Cheap as chips, pretty as a picture!

Pomander Perfection


Large oranges


Ribbon (optional)


– Simple as! Just stuff your orange with cloves as you see fit (I went with a bit of ribbon and a few festive words), then arrange on a plate to look lovely. Your house will be smelling all kinds of delicious long before you can say Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt.


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