Doily table runners: What a good idea

Don’t turn your nose up at lace and crochet doilies, they’re fantabulous for a craft project or three. Here’s a table runner idea to get you started.

How to: Make a doily table runner


Doilies (15-30)

Felt, 8ft x 2ft

Needle and thread


Sewing machine


– Arrange your doilies in a pattern you like on a flat surface

– Stitch them together well so you can pick them all up at once

– Measure your felt out

– Place the doilies onto the felt where you think they look best, then stitch them down. (This doesn’t have to be done as securely as the first lot of stitching)

– Tack the doilies to the felt quite well, then use a sewing machine to secure the two together.

Take a look:

Hot tips:

– Keep your stitches small on the top of the doilies so no one can see them. It doesn’t matter what the underside looks like, since no one will get to see it.

– eBay’s a wonderful place to go for job-lot doilies, but you should also ask your mum if she’s got any to spare.

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