Gifts in a jar

The hamper bandwagon’s wheels certainly buckled this year, what with everyone hopping on board to make delicious and personal Christmas presents for all and sundry. Here are three ideas you can use at any time of the year that might just be a bit more interesting than bean soup.

1. Cinnamon vanilla scrub

An easy-peasy project that you’ll have done in the shake of a pig’s tail (nope, not entirely sure that’s a phrase).


– Granulated sugar (1 cup)

– Olive oil (1 cup)

– Vitamin E oil (5 drops)

– Cinnamon essential oil (6 drops)

– Vanilla essence (1/2 tsp)


– Mix everything together and then transfer the lovely smelly mess into a sealed jar. Tadaa!

Recipe taken from Tidy Mom.

2. Cinnamon sugared almonds (yum!)

Another sweet and simple idea that will have everyone plaguing you for the recipe! Just watch as these get munched up right quick.


– Whole almonds (4 cups)

– 1-2 tbsp ground cinnamon

– Sugar (1 cup)

– Water (1/2 cup)

– 1 tsp salt


– Bring the sugar and water to the boil over a medium/high heat, then add the almonds and cook, stirring constantly, until the water’s nearly evaporated (approx. 5 mins)

– Add the salt and cinnamon and cook until the sugar has dried on the nuts (approx. 2 mins)

– Remove from the pan and leave to cool. Delicious, no?

3. Cheese-tastic biscuits

These biccies are the perfect way to get your cheese fix – and they’re a total doddle to make!


– Butter (100g)

– Cheese (100g)

– Flour (100g)

– Variety of tasty seeds (such as fennel, caraway, paprika, poppy etc)


– Mix your flour, cheese and butter together until it forms a smooth dough, then roll it into a tube shape and refrigerate for 30 mins

– When you’re ready to cook, cut the dough tube into small pieces and place on a baking tray

– Daub your biscuits with an egg yolk wash and sprinkle a few seeds on, then bake at 190 degrees C for five mins. Yummy in your tummy!


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