Mobiles for boys

Having a baby boy or just want to steer as clear as you possibly can of gender stereotyping when elbow-deep in nursery paint and fabric? Well then, you’re probably looking for something like this ace hanging mobile of frogs and snails (since that’s what little boys are made of), fashioned by my own fair hands. And there’s even a little how-to for you to get to grips with. How lovely!

How to: Make a bad-ass hanging mobile


– Felt in various colours

– Light-coloured wool

– 2 paper doilies (Sainsbury’s is your best bet, as I spent a LONG time discovering)

– Cardboard

– Felt balls (try eBay. I got 25 for a fiver – booyah!)

– PVA glue


– Draw templates of a frog and snail, then use them on the felt, making 32 shapes in total

– Alternate the colours and pair up the shapes so you have 16 creepy-crawlies

– Then get gluing!

– Decide how you want each of your 4 mobile strands to look, then thread the balls and creatures onto your 4 strands of wool (which should be around 1.5m in length)

– Draw around a plate on your cardboard and stick 1 doily on each side

– Pierce 4 holes and thread each wool strand through so half a metre is on the top of the mobile and the remaining strands are 1m long

– Tie the 4 strands at the top together, then hang in place. What could be better?

If you want a more feminine version, then check out this butterfly mobile I made a few years ago – just as cool and just as easy to do. Don’t say I never give you anything.


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