Pom-pom magic

Everyone (except a few sad little souls who haven’t lived) grew up cutting out cardboard circles and winding scraps of wool to make pom-poms and, yes, it was a lot of fun and kept us busy and out of our parents’ hair for a couple of hours, so was basically the greatest form of entertainment for all involved since the dawn of time. But when you sit down and really think about it, what exactly is the point of these funky little balls? Sure, you can hang them up as wowie decorations, use them as a toy for the cat, embellish clothes and scarves or hit your sister with them, but as a product in their own right? Not so much.

So here’s a groovy little idea for you to breathe new life into the humble pom-pom. It is without further ado that I introduce to you now the Pomfey (because it’s a pom-pom and it’s comfy). Keep your eyes on the catwalks of the future, my friends – the Pomfey will be keeping necks warm and snuggly the universe over before the year is out.

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How to: Make a Pomfey


– Wool

– Cardboard

– Elastic


– Cut your cardboard circles around 8cm in diameter, with a smaller circle in the middle

– Wind your wool until you’re left with a tiny hole in the centre

– Cut around the edge of the cardboard and once all your wool’s been cut, loop a shorter thread around the middle to tie it all together

– Remove cardboard

– Push your length of elastic through the hole in the middle of the pom-pom

– Continue until you have enough pom-poms (I made six)

– When they’re all on the elastic, tie it off and hey presto! A Pomfey!

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