Stop it and tidy up

The Adie clan is, sadly, a family of hoarders. Our houses have always been filled to the rafters with keepsakes, heirlooms, stacks of photos, paintings, furniture, old clothes, sheet music – basically anything that ever had a bit of meaning once upon a time, even if the people that originally owned the stuff long since shuffled off this mortal coil. (Note – we’re not QUITE as bad as this guy. We don’t keep old toilet rolls, for example, nor do we have to squeeze through a five-inch gap to get to the kitchen.)

Anyway, I’ve definitely been cursed with this gene and often find it a bit of a wrench to throw stuff out. After all, you never know – I may very well need that old plastic crossbow I had when I was ten or the shredded sombrero I bought for a Mexican party many moons ago and if I’ve been heartless and thrown it away, just what exactly will I do then?

One of my (many, many) new year’s resolutions this year is to reduce the amount of rubbish in my life and I’ve made a start with all my arts and crafts supplies.

Here’s the before shot and what I spent all day sifting through:

And here’s what I’ve got left (I think I’ve been very strict with myself!):

I’ve sorted everything into boxes by craft and have thrown out five empty boxes, about six plastic bags and lots of half-finished paintings that I’ve been clinging onto for some undefined reason or other. Give me a gold medal!

Are you a hoarder? What can’t you bear to throw away?


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