Sweet strawberry needle book

Are you like me? Do you put things down once you’ve finished using them without really thinking about it and then, five minutes later when you need them again, you can’t for the life of you find them, no matter how hard you search? Well, with this rather sensational strawberry needle book you don’t need to scatter your needles about your house ever again. Your family’s bare feet will applaud you! Stay tuned for the how-to…

How to: Make a strawberry needle book


– Felt in five colours

– Scissors

– Card (for the template)

– Glue


– Create templates for your bits of strawberry. (See photos).

– Make 2 big felt strawberry halves, to be the front and back of the book.

– Make 2 smaller strawberry halves, which will be the inner pages of the book.

– Machine stitch these together (don’t worry about seeing the stitches, as the rest of your felt will cover them up.)

– Using your templates, create a stalk and some shading for the strawberry, as well as a few pips.

– Glue all these onto your strawberry book. You can sew them but felt takes well to PVA and it’s probably quicker.

Finito! Now you can keep all your needles tucked away safely till kingdom come.

Like this? Have a ganders at some of my other how 2s if you’re seeking inspiration…

Strawberry taken from Cath Kidston’s Make.

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