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Sharing’s caring, folks, and if you’re a crafty soul who likes to give a little back then Craft it Forward will be right up your street. The premise is a simple one – sign up to receive one handmade thing of beauty and send out five more to other deserving people, who then go on to do the same. And so on. Confused? Then let founder of this amazing project Tiffany Windsor dispel a few of your worries…

Black Cat Originals (BCO): What was the inspiration for Craft it Forward (CIF)?

Tiffany Windsor (TW): I decided to launch Craft it Forward after I was asked to participate in a Pay it Forward crafty challenge in March 2010. My Cool2Craft TV audience asked me to set up a fan page where we could share this with the world.

BCO: Do people take part from around the world?

TW: Yes! But many of us in the US have found it prohibitive to ship around the world so we suggest that those in other countries start their own CIF groups. I know that we have an active group in Germany!

BCO: What sort of things do people make?

TW: All types of things! Anything goes as long as it is handmade. When I first set up CIF, I wanted to make it as casual and ‘no pressure’ as possible. That means that you don’t have to commit to a specific delivery date or a specific project. As long as you deliver it to the five who have signed up for your round, you just need to deliver it in 2012 (or whatever the current year). I have seen all types of crafts from papercrafting, cards, artist trading cards, jewellery, home accents and more!

BCO: Do you need to be good at crafting to take part or can you be someone just keen to give it a go?

TW: Give it a go!!! The idea behind CIF is that you are sharing your love of creating. This is not about judging someone on their creative skills, but all about crafting it forward.

BCO: What have you made as part of CIF?

TW: I usually make my trademark stamped boxes or something from Cool2Cast and I have shipped to Canada but unfortunately had to change to shipping to the US only because I was not able to track the shipments out of the country and several of my Canadian friends reported that they never received their goodies. I hope whomever received them is enjoying them!

BCO: Would it be possible without social media sites like Facebook?

TW: No. It is social media sites that make something like CIF possible. That is what is so awesome about the possibilities of groups like CIF.

BCO: Why do you think craft is enjoying such a revival at the moment?

TW: I believe there is a revival in getting back to the basics and crafting is natural part of those basics. For so many years the focus was only on scrapbooking but now there is more interest in learning techniques and spreading our wings.

BCO: What advice do you have for anyone taking part in the project? 

TW: Understand that when you sign up to receive a handcrafted item that you must agree to craft it forward to five more people. This is not just about receiving – this is about making the full circle and paying it forward.

BCO: How long have you been crafting?

TW: My entire life! Literally, my entire life! My mother is one of the pioneers of the craft industry. Perhaps you know her glue – Aleene’s Tacky Glue in the gold bottle.

BCO: How did you get into it?

TW: During my childhood, there was no choice. My mum’s business was our life. Having a family business meant helping to run the retail store, packing wholesale orders and answering mum’s fan mail. There was a short time about ten years ago when I thought “that’s it – I’ve had enough of crafting” but that only lasted about a year and I realised that it’s a part of me that I couldn’t ignore and had to embrace. That’s when I decided to embrace the internet and see what business I could build and reach out to the crafting community. CIF is my way of asking anyone who loves to craft to shout it to the rooftops!

So – are you taking part in Craft it Forward this year? What have you got in mind to make?

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