Craft it Forward: Sign up here

This is my first year crafting it forward and, even though 2012 hasn’t even really started yet, I’m already salivating in anticipation of 2013 so I can do it all over again! When I heard the letterbox clang on Saturday I just assumed it was yet another pile of Pizza Hut coupons and adverts for carpet-cleaning companies, but when I went to have a look I found a very delightful package sitting on the mat, waiting for me to rip it open with glee.

Thanks go to Lou over at Ooh la Lapin for these charming handmade envelopes and little note cards:

Thus, in grand Craft it Forward tradition I am now on the hunt for five people to send out some homemade treats to. The first five to comment on this blog post will receive something wonderful in the post from me! All you have to do is promise to blog about it and send out your own handmade goodies to five other lucky souls. So round up the troops, folks – if you want to take part in Craft it Forward, drop me a line!

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11 Responses to “Craft it Forward: Sign up here”
  1. oohlalapin says:

    Hey I have only just seen this post about my envelopes, wow, so glad you liked them!
    Love Lou la Lapin x

    • Sarah Adie says:

      Hi! Sorry – I’ve already got 5, I know it looks like 4 on my blog post but someone Facebooked me the other day! I might do it again later in the year though, so I’ll let you know! There’s a Craft it Forward Facebook page and I’m sure if you posted on there that you want to do it people will sign up with you!

  2. Crafty forward 😀 like it.

  3. amydavies says:

    Count me in too 🙂

  4. Sounds fab. Count me in for forward crafting!

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