Craft it Forward: My endeavours so far

Craft it Forward’s a great idea – make five presents for people, who then go on to make five more for others and so on. This is my first time taking part in this worthy project and I set myself just one simple rule: Don’t spend any money. So here’s what I’ve crafted thus far, working with what I had in the house.


I used scraps of old clothes and felt to make some lovely little flowers and leaves, then matched them up with some scenic paper from a magazine and put them in a little frame. Cheap and charming!


I wanted to use my new sewing machine so thought I’d try my hand at making my first-ever statement necklace. Using old scraps of material, a lot of beads, a few buttons and some ribbon I came up with this reversible little number. I don’t think it’s too bad for my first attempt and I learnt how to do a blanket stitch into the bargain. I count this as a win!

I’ve still got two more projects to get going with, but I think I’m going great guns so far.

Are you doing Craft it Forward this year? What have you come up with?

2 Responses to “Craft it Forward: My endeavours so far”
  1. save22 says:

    Super! Very nice! You are a great talent!

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