Make a statement (necklace)

Statement necklaces are so money right now but they can be a little bit on the pricey side. If you’ve got a bit of felt lying around and a lace doily or two, you can fashion one yourself at a fraction of the cost – just like this flowery little number.

Here comes the science bit!

How to: Make a rose-tinted statement necklace


– Light and dark blue felt

– Green felt

– 1 lace doily

– Needle and thread/sewing machine


– For your roses, cut 2 different-sized circles of felt, 1 light blue and 1 dark

– Cut each of them into a swirl like so:

– Roll the swirls starting from the outside and working your way in

– Add a few stitches so they stay rolled up and rose-like all by themselves

– Cut 1 big and 1 small leaf and stitch the smaller one on top of the other

– Cut a third leaf, then sew to the others

– Cut a bit off your doily to act as a collar

– Cut some corresponding green felt and stitch to the doily to make the material a bit stronger

– Sew your flowers and leaves to the doily and felt

– Cut 2 small rectangles of green felt, fold in half then sew near the bottom

– Attach to the back of the felt so you can loop a bit of ribbon or a chain through them to form a necklace

And there you have it – a very beautiful necklace for hardly any spondoolies.


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