Felt pinwheel necklaces for the win!

Every wardrobe has a boring T-shirt in it but don’t leave it languishing in the back, unloved and unworn! Pair it with this tasty little pinwheel statement necklace and never look dull again.

Here’s the how-to, if you can’t wait to get your make on!

How to: Make a pinwheel statement necklace


– Felt in a variety of colours

– 5 buttons

– Needle and thread/sewing machine


– Make your pinwheels by cutting squares of various sizes out of your felt and sewing them together

– Then cut each corner about halfway down and fold into the middle, sewing with a few stitches so they’re secure

– Sew a button of your choosing in the middle

– Once you’ve made as many as you think look good, sew them together in a pattern you like

If you need a bit more of a pinwheel pointer then check out this how-to I made a while ago. Sure, it won’t let you down.

– Cut two little rectangles of felt and fold in half to make a loop, then sew

– Attach them to your pinwheels and then thread a chain or some ribbon through them.

Tadaa! Ready to wear!


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