Giant cupcake or giant disaster?

I’ve always scoffed at those beautiful massive cupcakes you see in Selfridges that go for £40 a pop. All you need is a massive tin, a few sprinkles here and there and you can recreate these wonders for yourself. Er, no. You can’t.

Here’s what my cupcake should look like, according to The Primrose Bakery Book:

And here’s my rather rubbish attempt at mastering the art of the giant cupcake:

Sigh. At least it tastes nice.

Have you had a go at giant cupcake-baking? Tell me it gets better with practice!

4 Responses to “Giant cupcake or giant disaster?”
  1. pearlessence says:

    Here’s my attempt at making one giant (cup)cake with my cupcake batter when I couldn’t find my muffin tins… 😦

  2. Hi Sarah, oh deary me. What tin have you used? I use the Wilton pan (and it looks like that’s what the Primrose Bakery have used too by looking at the base sponge in the photo). Your pan looks like the top and base are very different widths and therefore won’t line up – is that right? It also looks like you’ve had a lot of spillage during the baking process so it might be an idea to trim all of this off before icing. You’ll get there with practice! 🙂 xx

    • Sarah Adie says:

      Hi Anne, thanks for the tips! I think I used the Wilton pan (if that’s what it’s known as) as well – it looked the same as the one in the Primrose Bakery book. I think the trouble was that the Primrose recipe didn’t give me enough mixture to fill both the base and the top. That and the fact that I’m truly horrendous at icing cakes!

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