Happy Valentine’s Day, one and all!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I love Valentine’s Day cards, so I made some for you! Here are four cards you can craft in no time to show someone just how much you really care. Happy making!



How to:

– Print off the alphabet in a font you like

– Trace ‘I love you’ onto the front of your card and cut out using a craft knife

– Stick tissue paper on the left inside cover

– Trace ‘but not as much as cake’ onto some card, cut out and stick on the right inside cover

– Decorate the front of  your card as you see fit. I made a few hearts and used 3D foam squares to make them pop a bit.



How to:

– See above for lettering technique

– Look through magazines for a picture of a lipstick kiss, then stick to the front using 3D foam squares.



How to:

– Draw 3 hearts of varying sizes on the front of the card

– Pierce lots of little holes along the outline of the hearts

– Using embroidery thread, sew vertical lines from one end of the heart to the other

– It looks cute if all 3 are different, so sew some lace to the biggest heart and sew some horizontal lines on top of the vertical ones on the smallest heart

– On the inside, stick the threads down and cover both sides with some purple paper so everything looks neat and tidy.


Button it

How to:

– Draw a heart on your card and arrange your buttons in a heart shape

– Glue them down lightly

– Using red and gold thread, sew the buttons on firmly

– Use red paper to cover the left and right inside covers so you can’t see your thread.

Charming! I know you’ve all been crafting it up right nice for Valentine’s Day – let’s hear what you’ve come up with!

2 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day, one and all!”
  1. Sarah Adie says:

    Thanks! They look better in real life than in the pictures, particularly the button card. 12 days of Valentine’s is a great idea – love those owls!

  2. mrspedigrew says:

    Cute cards! I am doing a “12 Days of Valentines” project with lots of crafts and treats. You might enjoy it. http://dslrfairytale.com/

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