Vodka lime jelly – oh yes!

Shot glasses, begone! The new and improved way of doing shots is to fill fruit with spiked jelly. Truly scrumptious!

How to: Make vodka lime jelly


– 6 limes

– 2 packs of raspberry jelly

– Small bottle of vodka


– Melt both jellies in 200ml of boiling water, stirring till it’s all dissolved

– Top up to a pint with vodka (although if you’re a bit of a lightweight you might want to mess about with the ratios)

– Cut your limes in half and then hollow out, taking care not to split the peel

– Pour the jelly into the limes, then chill until set

– Once set, slice in half again and, as if by magic, you’ll have some pretty little vodka jelly wedges. Bibbity Bobbity boo!


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