Knitting a Christmas jumper by Christmas

I’m a bit obsessed with Christmas jumpers at the moment, even though summer is well on the way (?) and the festive season is a long way off. I recently went on a Fair Isle knitting course and, I’m ashamed to say, didn’t pick up my knitting needles again for a couple of weeks after struggling along for three hours with continental knitting style. But I’m determined to get to grips with this traditional form of knitting and what better way to do so than setting myself a bit of a challenge.

So I plan to knit a Christmas jumper by Christmas 2012, although I have a long way to go before I reach this rather lofty goal. I’ve been practising following patterns and working on knitting with two colours by making some swatches (I’m not quite ready to actually start making anything yet.)

Here’s my first attempt:

And my second:

Third time’s a charm:

My fourth try:

Here’s the pattern I’ve been working from:

If anyone can tell me why my swatches don’t look like the pattern, I’d really appreciate it. I’ve done it four times now and only my third attempt looks right. I can’t figure it out, so if there’s anyone out there who knows the answer, please let me know!

7 Responses to “Knitting a Christmas jumper by Christmas”
  1. craftsbythesea says:

    Hi there, looking at what you have knitted the first row is wrong – sorry. Are you starting your knitting from the chart at the bottom right hand corner (charts are read upwards from the bottom of the chart) as you shoulld start with k3 in colour a , followed by K3 in colour b and so on to the end of the row – this row is read from the chart right to left. Your 2nd row – purl row is knitted from the chart but from left to right so you start P1 colour b then P3 colour a. Hope this makes sense and helps. jill

    • Sarah Adie says:

      Ooooooooh, I see what I’ve done. I’ve read it from right to left on the first row and then right to left on the second and so on. Should I have gone right to left on the first row and then left to right on the second? This is all very confusing! I’m starting to have doubts about getting my jumper done already! Thanks for the tips! 🙂

      • craftsbythesea says:

        The knit rows read right to left and the purl rows read left to right. Which if you think about is how you knit when looked at from the right side of the work

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