Swap-apalooza with Popular Crafts

It’s time to rifle through your sewing box and art supplies, people, and seek a little inspiration. Popular Crafts’ monthly craft swap is back for March and this time the theme is spring, so make hay while the sun shines, pick up your needle and thread and get stitching to make something beautiful for someone else out there in the craftiverse.

All you have to do is pop an email over to the company’s Katharine Jewitt and tell her you want to take part, with the title Spring Swap in the subject box of your message. She’ll then partner you up with another keen crafter and you can get your make on. Your only limit is your imagination!

I signed myself up for last month’s swap, the theme of which was owls. My partner – Samantha Jenkins of Samantha Makes – made me this very handy-dandy needle book:

And in return I painted her a pretty owly picture. Twit-twoo!

Remember, folks – sharing’s caring, so get your craft swap on today.

Will you be signing up? Check out the Popular Crafts forum to see what everyone else is up to.


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