Knitting a Christmas jumper by Christmas: An update

Hear “Christmas jumper”, think Norwegian star. This beautiful little twinkler is one of the most recognised motifs of Fair Isle knitting, first used by Marit Guldsetbrua Emstad – who you may know as the “mother of Selbu knitting” – in the late 19th century, a piece of history that the town is justifiably proud of. There’s even a museum dedicated to Emstad (who, legend has it, knitted her first pair of two-thread mittens when she was the tender age of 16. Aw!), Selbu mittens and the Selbu rose pattern.

This symbol seemed like as good a place as any to move on with my Fair Isle fantasies of knitting a beautiful jumper by December. After sitting on my sofa for a week doing nothing but the same pattern (wrong) over and over again it was a massive relief to try something different and I even read the pattern right this time! Result!

Here are my stars, don’t judge too harshly…

As my favourite Friend Chandler Bing would say: “I win, you suck. I rule all. Mini-wave in celebration of me!”

I was also intensely proud of myself for succeeding in weaving one colour over eight stitches. Pats on the back all round, with some reserved for YouTube as well. This video was all kinds of help:

Couple of questions for the old-hat knitters among you, however.

1. Can you weave your secondary colour when doing a purl stitch?

2. What’s the best way to cast off when using two colours?

This week I’m concentrating on knitting in the round. Panic stations, everyone! If you’ve got any tips to help me master the art of four needles and lots of wool, that would be wonderful.

7 Responses to “Knitting a Christmas jumper by Christmas: An update”
  1. craftsbythesea says:

    Just found this — everything you are doing

  2. craftsbythesea says:

    Stars look great… Answers to questions as follows – you can weave when purling a stitch – before you purl the stitch lay the yarn at right angles to you needle so that it hangs straight down, end of yarn in in 6.00 clock position. Lay your other colour over the top of the previous positioned yarn with the end of the yarn in the 9.00 position . Knit purl as normal. The second colour should be caught by your purl stitch. I always cast off in a single colour – my preference. knitting with more than two needles takes a bit of practice but my best tip is when moving from one needle of stitches to another is make sure you don’t catch the yarn around the previous needle and make sure you don’t make a loos stitch otherwise you will get a line up your knitting where you’re knitting is looser. Happy knitting & learning.

    • Sarah Adie says:

      Thanks! 🙂 I think I’ve figured out pattern reading for now…although I am very slow! Thanks for all your tips as well, I’m a little scared about knitting in the round but I have a book on sock-making so shall start there and work my way up. When casting off in a single colour, what do you do with the other thread? Just tie a knot in it and cut it off? I shall have to dedicate my Christmas jumper to you, with all the help you’re giving me!

      • craftsbythesea says:

        Casting off – I knot the wool and weave the end in amongst the looping at the back. Good luck with the knitting in the round

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